Sunday, May 13, 2012

DS at Courtyard Marriott Bangkok

During pre partition era , Around Lahore , a small engineering firm owned by an young engineer gets a contract from British firm  to develop and design railway engine . Owner who himself is an engineer is passionate and lead his team that involves few other including a Punjabi handsome young  man and a lady who is relatively older by age  to him . 

But as the  day of reckoning come near  - the owner develop a cold feet and realises that it is not possible to have the product ready within assigned time frame  . Owner loses his interest and withdraws from the project . Handsome Punjabi man and old lady feel dejected , however they continue to work together in late hours on this project . 

When  British inspection team visit  , Owner and his management team welcome them with hospitality but do not muster courage  to break the news of their failure . When the inspection team visit the development room - they are in for a big surprise - There is a Prototype ready for display . Owner  is aghast , surprised and delirious with joy .....

Now Fast forward ...................

United India is split into Pakistan and India  ...... all of them have now migrated and are part of india . Owner  is now a business conglomerate and run several companies . Their company has  now have developed cutting edge medical technology  equipment and now ready to announce to the world ... and he remembers these two people from Lahore . How he wished that they could come and see this technological marvel and seek their feedback and give their blessings. 

I  get a call from him to bring old lady with me . He calls me again after few hours if I started from my home. However,   I  decide against taking her . She is far too old to travel . As a mark of respect , I decide to visit on my own . I think of Punjabi Handsome man .... He had passed away some years ago .. but becoming a legend in another industry .

This man is Raj Kapoor and old lady is my mother ......


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