Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dealing with Drukard

How does one deal with a man who is drunk but not misbehaving. I sympathized with this man in Red T shirt who went on drooling with his story of 'Dhich kyaoon ' - a sound of gun from Hindi Movie. All young lass from North East coped with him as best they could. After all , he must have been regular face to this bar. He kept his ID in his front pocket but dangling strap around his beck that had print mark DRDO gave his identity. A foolish move but then again you can't blame a guy who is tipsy.

I am not familiar with the map of Hyderabad but now is the time to get one and check distance from airport to hotel. Inside Hi Tech city was like being in Singapore. Westin was luxurious. I must switch to them from Marriott.


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