Saturday, August 13, 2011

With 'Go Air '

This was my first experience with Go Air. Flight was New Delhi - Pune. Business class was just the normal seat on the first row but with handheld i-pod, packed lunch and custom made tea. Not a bad deal when the price was better than Kingfisher. Aircraft was Airbus 320, spacious with friendly crew.

As i took to my seat, pilot arrived in with young girl - his daughter. He introduced her to flight crew and she took a seat on second row. So far so good. But when aircraft was taxing away for take-off, she was quietly ushered inside the flight cockpit with curtain briskly pulled aside and back in place in jiffy. Through acrylic glass window ahead of me, ' crew only' plate stamped on the door of the cockpit became more prominent. My fellow passenger was amused and kept protruding his neck to see how this smart and suave looking girl was invited by equally smart crew and was made to disappear behind the curtain. He had no idea about strong filial connection she enjoyed with her dad.

I was bit squirmed by this event. Is such an act permissible? What if he gets engrossed into personal chat with her contributing to momentary lapse on his job? The thought was scary and I brushed it aside as one of the unwritten perks accorded to those vested with ' special power' in Indian working conditions. But his act was unprofessional. Would pilot in Singapore airlines ever take such a liberty and risk ? I doubt. This one incident cast a blot in otherwise fine journey on Go Air.



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