Friday, April 01, 2011

M for ?

M for Mirupur : India beat Bangla Desh M for Motera : India beat Australia M for Mohali : India beat Pakistan M for Mumbai : India beat Sri Lanka ?? India won against Pakistan .

An enjoyable match yet in many respects intriguing. Pakistan had all the chances but it seem they were determined to let hosts take the cake. When I look at this match, I find some moments that could have changed the outcome :

When Dhoni Came to bat, Afridi still persisted with defensive field. It appeared Afridi was happy was convinced that India cant be bowled out in 50 overs. He didnt keep spinners and Dhoni's edge went past keeper not just once but twice. Dhoni was opposite that of Afridi, everytime new Pakistan batsman came to crease, he would employ first and leg slip and even have an audacity to pull thir man inside to tempt batsman to go for cut.

Misbah wanted to emulate Javed Miandad or Inzaman but somewhere he lost a plot by losing partners. When Afridi came and hit few fours gap had come to 20 runs between runs and bowls. One over in power play could have sealed that gap. This pair was dangerous and could have caused the damage.

Man of the match should have been Riaz than Sachin. Riaz single handdedly changed the course of the game , In case od Sachin Pakistan fielders made him change the game.

Here is a cute one : Afridi- hum sachin ko kisi haal me 100 runs nahi banane denge, Misbah- magar hum kaise rokenge,wo to gajab ke form me hai, Afridi- hum under 100 all out ho jayenge.!!!



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