Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Gudi padwa greetings

This was our first attempt to mount Gudi. Efforts started in procuring resources in wakad bazar. Poor couple sitting in the hot sun with stack of bamboo sticks, a lady on four bicycle wheel cart - that sold garlands of solidified sugar cakes that was most popular among Wakad Flies, picking up cloth was easy- choice was one of jaree or bright plain cloth, I opted for vermilion. Flowers garland was easy to get but difficult was to get neem leaves. We weren't sure of getting a jar that would fit on the top of stick. But somehow, the only one we had did work. I had no inclination of achieving any spiritual nirava through this Gudi but was happy that Akshta could relate to this important festival that is hardly gets celebrated outside India. Plus a satisfaction of stimulating trade of hardworking entrepreneurs who really struggle to live a decent life.

Now came the issue to installation and commissioning. Google as usual came to my rescue: Why empty inverted Jar ? : Empty your ego, take an inverted look within, hold yourself up to the vast sky of divinity and may your soul remain outdoors, away from the trappings of this world.



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