Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Turmoil and confusion from a man's perspective.

I am not too sure if what I say would typify a man. Being a man myself, I must say what I have conviction in. I feel and realize the effect of my upbringing, societal pressures, ethical or moral issues, fear of god etc. There are so many complex variables whose denominations keep on changing through external influences and my audacity to question them. I have gone through various phases. Starting with the refusal to change from the conformed beliefs, to watching with awe and surprise those who dared to do something different, slowly conditioning the mind to simulate what the after effect be, challenging and questioning the validity of so called established principles in the face of mind and body desires, probing and searching for right answers through books on psychology, physiology, behavioral science and spirituality.

At this past mid age, the synthesis of all that has led me to the conclusion that ' the only truth of our existence is our mind and the body'. Rest is all superficial and contrived to suit the governance of the societal status and ego gratification. I listen to my mind and the body and do what is in harmony with them. For me, this is an ' absolute honesty'. Everything that moves within the realm of mind and body is honesty for me. Emotions, Lust, Libido, Desire, Peace, Tranquility and Uproar.

Being lamb I am, I do not do anything that would deliberately hurt someone. But again, there is a 'desire' of being selfish. To have a good image of me in the eyes of others.

Two characters have carved a definite impact on my existence. First is ' Satyapriya' of movie 'Satyakam' and ‘ Maharathi Karna’ of Mahabharat. First made me have the courage to face the nakedness of the honesty and second the graciousness and openness of being generous. In this modern life of contradictions and compulsions, it is not easy to practice both in universal terms. However, I tend to scrupulously follow them in my mind. Be absolutely honest with oneself - in thoughts and actions and second be open in accepting others opinions, habits, impressions, behavior and have a generosity to forgive everyone including myself.

The result is blissful and tranquil life.


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