Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coma through mental depression

Could mental depression lead a person to coma ? and be in a state of comatose over 8 months. I am keen to study the factors that led to this state , treatment given and mindset of a person after the person is back to lead a normal life. I learnt about this and felt that this could be a perfect story for Readers Digest for people who go through similar grind and become vulnerable to be pushed into depression. Depression Guide website gives information about this.

Sweep – an elegant cricket stroke has now become a part of regular armoury in modern day cricket. Reverse sweep is an innovative mirror image of regular sweep and often employed against a spin bowler whenever third man fielder is brought into the circle. Graham Gooch in Reliance Cup decimated India by employing regular sweep in the semi final at Mumbai. Today, England persisted with reverse sweep against Sri Lanka spinners and perished. They could not execute the stroke, but in the process lost wickets and the confidence to raise the run rate.


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