Friday, February 18, 2011

Back in Pune

Two disturbing news stir my early morning in Pune. First, Steve Jobs reportedly heading towards terminal stage and second Bahrain defense clamping the protester in the city. Being next door to the country and being Sunni regime, Saudi shall use all their might to crush Bahrain protesters. Iran across the gulf with Shia population will do everything to support Bahrain Shiya majority population. Bahrain can be flash point for middle east turmoil and USA would have tricky situation. Support democratic movement or regime that's been supportive to USA.

I saw Femina issue and was impressed by the quality of contents, print and photography. Rs 50 per issue indicate their robust ad revenue and subscriber base. One of the 75 reasons for being happy in marriage is "couples sleeping separate". Old people who have married long time, sleep separately. They are secured in their relationship and undisturbed sleep is vital for their longevity. Japanese by culture use separate beds. Here is the most common reaction from some of the couples who are happy in marriage. " I’m actually the snoring culprit in our family and we too have different comforts in sleeping, he likes it steamy warm, I need a fan, he likes to watch a different TV show, he gets up earlier than me, etc. It just works."

ANA business jet brought me from Tokyo to Mumbai via Fukuoka. Capacity of 36 passengers in all business seats, we were just 10 passengers along with four crew. It was reading time all the way. Famine, Fimfare, Times, Economist, Time and Japanese newspapers. Handheld movie player didn't have much choice but clarity of the screen did tempt me to rummage through some movies.



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