Thursday, October 07, 2010

In search of Nandini at Bali

It's almost midnight and we are in the middle of the jungle looking for Nandini Bali jungle resort at Payangan, 25 min drive from Ubud . From Denpasar airport , Ubud is nearly an hour and half drive. Past Alila resort, houses and shops adjacent to the either side of the road disappears and now a winding road through thick foliage climbs up. Road become narrow and with no opposite traffic our search for Nandini goes on seeking directions from people on bike returning back from work. Maade - our driver extols praises on people in the jungle saying that they carry true Balinese spirit of honesty and hospitality. We come at end of the road that has stone inscribed green painted word ' Ubud hanging garden'. Another true Balinese person confidently tells us to take right. We go ahead. Now road is real narrow, with sharp slope and vicious turn at right angles. Tar road is almost covered by muddy soils . We realize that there is no point in going ahead and we see enough space to take back turn. I get down guiding our Chevrolet taxi to make sure that it doesn't slip down or gets stuck in mud. What if driver swe
rves and takes with him Akshta and my wife? I shrug such evil thought and jump inside the car. We reach the same place with stone inscribed place and ask another bike rider who again points to the same direction. A hotel telephone number too is not being accessible but we plead the bike rider to guide us and in just few minute drive a small diversion with name plate ' Nandini' ushers in to an amazing hospitality of young ' Ivan ' a resident of Lombark.

Nandini turns out to be more exquisite, charming and luxurious as we settled in.



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