Saturday, October 09, 2010

Elephant Safari in Bali

Wayan, Maade, Yoman and Kitut. In Bali, names are assigned as per your number among your siblings. 1st child is Wayan; second one is Maade and so on. After 5th it's turn of Wayan again. An important lesson we learnt while going to Elephant Safari. I become Wayan Milind.

We were to stay at Elephant safari lodge but stopped just before hitting ' confirm' button on net purchase. I am glad that we did it. We could get a glimpse of both jungle life at Nandini Resort and the Elephant safari. In old days, kings rode on elephants albeit on a canopy with cushions and supposedly guided their army. I am not sure how well they did it but our journey on elephant back ensured pummelling our back every time elephant put his feet forwards. Perhaps in old war days, there could have been some shock absorber fitted on elephant back to soften bumpy ride. Seven male elephants with twenty three females must have been a good choice for male elephants at Elephant safari. How else can you explain that Ardilla - 27 year old female elephant who rode us - is still motherless and unlikely she would gain motherhood But she demonstrated her toilet skills on the way. Their biological waste is an excellent fertilizer for bamboo tree who grow up long and hard in just three years. Some young trees are staple diet for elephants. How does particular specie turn Veg or non Veg? Can elephant eat Fish when offered? Tatha - Ardilla's mahout said no. Wonder what would hungry Lion do when offered ' Dal rice ‘? Perhaps kick that Thali with ferociously! Exhibits of elephant skeleton, their anatomy and behavioural traits make visit to this place very interesting. Don’t miss visit to this place if you are taking kids to Bali. Lunch had good choice for Veg but it was interesting to see coconut and palm sugar filling in dosa.

Once known that I had a choice to taste a wine in Hindu dominated province of Islamic country, I didn't want to miss chance. It was Hatten wine Aga white from the vineyards of Bali. Nasi Gorang , Chicken satey was delectable with it and so was bakim noodles. I was concerned of heat and high humidity in outdoor but cloudy weather made it a great day. We would now head for Kuta on the way visit Kintamani, Pura Tirta Temple.



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