Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reaching Houston airport - in dramatic way.

I would never forget J K Boulevard or whatever the exit that has been named before you head for Bush International Airport, Houston. I may have taken that exit by mistake but sure it made me tense as we struggled to reach the international airport.

The road took me everywhere else except the airport. Green point mall, Green point road, bell vest east, back again to Sam Houston south and go round and round and round. The lady voice on my GPS also stopped talking making me wonder if she was unhappy with her companion of ten days. We crossed every hotel, Sheraton, Ramada and Quinta inn yet airport evaded us. After few rounds, we even spotted George Bush airport sign board but it was besides the road on the opposite side, I took U turn hoping to hit the road but Sam Houston again beckoned us with threat of toll fees. Frustration kept on building as time ticked past 215pm, a deadline to return rent a car. I went back and forth along Kris Kris of various underpass hoping that I don't confront Texas police car that would spot Akshta not being tied in the child seat. By now, Sam Houston was inviting to join him in every direction from west to south and I was desperately praying to meet George Bush. My options were running out fast. Should I stop at Sheraton and seek their help ? Should I ask Vineet to drive down and rescue me ? The only people I saw on the road was orange clad construction workers but I had no space even to stop the car. I went around and around. By now, I had given up on returning the car in time but still had plenty of optimism in catching the flight departing @ 550 pm. I fiddle around knobs and lady returned with a familiar voice. I was relieved now and my hopes of rescue were rekindled with her being with me. Few more tries and I head back on same road that I had been before. Halliburton, GE oil and gas, Ramada but this time I was on the flyover and could see Ramada down. At last, I was heading towards George Bush. A fascinating climax to otherwise uneventful drive from Fort Lauderdale airport to Houston via Key West, Disney Orlando , St Augustine, Lake West, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette to Houston.

Houston, I admire you for your convoluted flyovers and crisscross of roads topping one over the other.I haven't driven so far on LA but I was overwhelmed by enormity of her size and flyovers. City of Houston, you came close in scaring me with your complex, highways. As I reached the airport road, I realized that I took exist at J K Boulevard that was just 0.2 miles earlier. A mistake that would have turned fatal if I had not given enough allowance for our airport arrival. Mr Sam Houston, You tried your best to hold on to me and I am sure you must be the deserving man to have the city names after you and this massive highway.

As I reached Alamao return car place, I learnt the deadline was 250 pm and not 215 pm. All end well, when you reach in time for flight.



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