Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First in First Class

When SQ staff announced my name on gate D12 at Houston Airport, I thought my wife panicked of my not coming in time from the duty free shop. Instead, I was called to give me a free upgrade from business to first class. What enchanted me was the personal attention that the crew provides. Here they just don't offer you choicest wines and champagnes but interact with you in very charming manner. You do really enjoy the chat and the pampering of being an important guest. With my wife and Akshta travelling in economy, I had two options. Give my seat to the neighbour in the economy or shuttle and swap the places giving Akshta a company and protection in the economy. I chose later. I would travel with the same crew from Moscow - Singapore and I am sure would enjoy that ride too albeit not in First but Business class.

The best soup of my life : it’s elegant, aromatic and tasted yummy. Two medium sized Prawns, rings of white onions sprinkled with dash of green spring onions, strips of roasted garlic in carrot juice base with saffron. Tastes delicious, lovely aroma and lingering pleasure. I was told by crew that as a PPS member I can write to the cook and seek a recipe. I must try first and then use this recourse.

Kairus : A fascinating Marathi recipe combining raw mango and peanuts with dash of chilly. I am not too sure of the gradients but I am trying to guess it remembering the taste that is lingering on my tongue since childhood days. As I was having Indonesian chicken satey with peanut sauce, I thought of Kairus. How would it be to make sautéed prawns dipped into Kairus. Sounds yummy to me. I must try it but before that I must check with my mother about the recipe of Kairus.



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