Sunday, May 09, 2010

Khalil Chishtee - creating a world out of plastic trash

Creativity can take any form , from any source. If that creativity stirs emotions, it has a lasting effect of a lifetime. A chance visit via Esplanade theater lobby made us discovery of the magic of Khalil Chishtee who has replicated a world that many in India and the Subcontinent would easily identify and empathise with. He calls it a world of suffering and he has created this from plastic trash bags. Can score of plastic bags be squeezed to make different shapes and sizes ? It's not all that impossible. But can these plastic bags that transform into an object would evoke expression, emotion ? They do with hands of Khalil Chishtee. He calls himself noamdic with no place as his home and names this creation ' Dreaming of Dreaming ' dedicated to creative people who have lived very ordinary life through their suffering and became a victim of organized society , so much so that their creative dreams became an impossibility. Meditative Buddha is also fascinating and makes sense when he is placed away from the the society of 'Dreamers'.
' Between You and Me ' is the theme of this year Singapore Arts festival and I am sure there would more fascinating artistic forms be on display.
Andrea Bocelli is an awe inspiring singer and for me he is an European equivalent of our Kumar Gandharva . I missed his live concert at Botanical gardens, Singapore but Khalil Chishtee made my day with his amazing creativity.



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