Friday, May 14, 2010

Business and Celebrities

Is there any law that can prevent using historical celebrity for the purpose of business ? I was to travel to Munich and I was tempted to book hotel Leonardo De Vinci. In Bangkok , I stayed at Rembrandt hotel on Sukhamvit road. An entity that has no match to the qualities of Rembrandt paintings. I was told that this hotel is owned by an Indian. This hotel boasted flat screen TV and free Wi Fi but both didn't work. Govt has clamped curfew on both these media tools that are capable of rampant spread of right and wrong information . But You Tube and foreign media filled up the void space.

I enjoy watching the behaviour of celebrities. More so, if they are conscious of people watching them and how do they handle the the adulation, staring and intrusion by their admirers. Air travel gives an opportunity to observe and enjoy this.

Vaijayanti Bala was next to me on my flight from Mumbai to Chennai. Her seat was on window and mine was at isle. She politely made a request of exchanging seat I was to happy to comply. Being past her prime, not many in the crowd did spot her but she looked very elegant. Not an ounce of fat on her body, she was perfectly attired and adorned with every little paraphernalia. Be it her purse, bangles, rings, make up kit. She carried herself as if she was to grace public function. Her son , who I initially thought to be grandson was busy doing work for Natyalaya - her dancing school. Only upon landing, when she profusely thanked me for giving her an isle seat, we struck a conversation. She was proud to tell me about her two terms in parliament when I asked her about her being active in politics.

Sunil Gavaskar during flight from Dubai to Mumbai and Rishi Kapoor at Maurya Sheraton B'fast lounge kept to themselves.



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