Sunday, May 23, 2010

36 Hour Sunday

36 hour Sunday in my life spanning three countries, four cities.
9am : Singapore
5pm : Tokyo
12pm Arrival in LA
2pm : flight to Miami canceled so stay put at LA airport.
Till 730pm : at LA airport then fly to Las Vegas
9pm : Arrival in Las Vegas
10pm : depart for Fort Lauderdale
Total number of hours in a day :36 hours.In air : 27 hours On land : 9 hours, plus Transit time 1 hour Narita, 7 hour in LA and 1 hour in Las Vegas.

Delta upgrades me to First Class from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale but in a small aircraft, its equivalent to economy of SQ. At 10,000 ft and above, Delta airlines provides free WiFi but my Internet is jammed. Only way I can do it is by resetting my phone but it my i Phone needs a pin. On some day, nothing seems to go right ! Welcome to the Land of Honey.

I have some special relationship with LA airport. In my previous travel, from Mumbai to LA , I was accompanying a customer and we missed each other at LA airport. I had to spend whole night at airport in the company. On my return from Seattle, Air India canceled the flight and subsequent flight didn't arrive for two days. Chaos and many rounds of LA airport.

This time American Airlines flight got canceled and I had to spend seven hours at the same airport.But I was lucky to meet a nice guy at the counter for AA who put us in Delta via Las Vegas. Last time, Air India wanted me a fax from Mumbai booking agent. I had lost my battery power on my mobile and I couldn't reach anyone and top of it was Sunday. Like vultures, hoard of irate passengers pounced upon Air India manager and the staff at LA airport. This time AA staff thanked me ' for not yelling at him ' , perhaps they are all used to such treatment by angry and demanding passengers.

A frequent traveler generally develops a patience when things go wrong and they do sometimes with circumstances beyond the control of the ground staff.



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