Friday, April 23, 2010

10cc gulp and 24 hour high

I never had so much high in such a small dosage. Cough syrups do give you more punch and last more time than any alcoholic drink. I thought Benedryl topped that list till I had Dhasedyl yesterday. The sticker on the plastic bottle said ' Take 10cc three times a day, May cause drowsiness '. I had one dose of 10cc previous night and effects are still lingering. I didnt have courage to take two more doses. I didnt knock out immediately but did sleep well . When I woke up, I was groggy, listless and void of energy. The feeling continued through out the day. By evening I felt ravenous. I kept wondering what's so special about 'Dhasedyl' that uprooted my mental equilibrium.
I had to know about this drug that so quickly and efficiently smothered my month old persistant cough and cold within a night but crippled and numbed my alertness and made me feel like a seasoned druggist. As I searched on ' Dhasedyl ' I read about its sideffects and the following experience of another blogger that sums up my body status.
Dhasedyl is a cough medicine that causes drowsiness after consumption. I have taken Dhasedyl on several occasions when I was ill, and unless you are a seasoned Dhasedyl drinker who has become immune to its effects, you WILL feel very drowsy and light-headed within 10 minutes of drinking just 10ml of it. Sleep comes quite naturally after that. One of my bosses drinks it to help her sleep, but I do not know where she gets her stock from.

Fortunately…or unfortunately if you will, I have been developing coughs and sore throats quite frequently in the past few months, probably caused by the hot and humid climate that I live in, and my Doctor always gives me Dhasedyl. So even now when my cough is gone, I still have half a bottle left which I use sparingly for those “critical moments” when I desperately need some quality sleep.

I’m not sure if it is a good idea to use Dhasedyl as a medication to help you sleep, so I will not recommend it. Try it only when you have the chance. To be on the safe side, take Dhasedyl when and only when prescribed by your Doctor and for the sole purpose of relieving your cough/sore throat. If in doubt, always seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.”



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Feeling abnormally sleepy or tired during the day is commonly known as drowsiness. Drowsiness may lead to additional symptoms, such as forgetfulness or falling asleep at inappropriate times.

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