Sunday, March 07, 2010

A day tour to Pattaya from Bangkok

' I shall never recommend anyone to come to Battaya '. ( There is no P in Arabic , instead it is replaced by B; Pappu becomes Babbu) . An exasperated outburst , from the aged Jordanian tourist, when he had to get down from the motorboat and wade through knee level sea water to reach the edge of the beach. He looked in every way and mannerisms to that of A K Hangal from the movie 'Shoukeen'. The only noticeable absence was the tobacco pipe. He wore nice black leather shoes, fitted blue jeans and gray collarless half sleeve T shirt tucked in with rimless sunglasses. Even at his age, he was perfect prey for Thai beach woman who drooled over moneyied foreigners. He had his wife next to him. A plump woman that appeared physically unfit as his life partner. Another couple also from Jordan had accompanied them . A single German lady who traveled with us from Bangkok,. Another couple - German husband who has been in UAE over 20 years with his Lebanese, Bulgarian educated wife formed a group on this day tour of Pattaya Island + coral beach tour.

There is fair degree of honesty and transparency with Thai tour operators. Our tour guide even extended this with her generosity of offering loan to those who didn't carry enough Thai Bahts for water sports activities. At TB 1,500 per person a day trip from Bangkok is worth it except for food and shower at this picturesque island where a motorboat took us from Pattaya city. Lunch covered watery soup with floating half cut small tomatoes and slices of onion, whole fried fish that resembled like mackerel with it's skin and head intact except portion around the neck. That fish looked to me more of anatomy specimen than an edible dish, assorted mix of sea food in Thai green paste ,steamed prawn and clams with fried rice. For me, it was a walkover but i did try watery soup and pineapples. Everything on this beach had a price tag except swim in turquoise colour clean beach whose silvery sand particles shone like crystals when foamy waves and sun rays hit them.

A shower room that had dead cockroaches cost 40 bahts, a wooden locker with flimsy external lock @ 50 bahts, a bench to lie down @ 50 bahts. Jet scooty, banana boat and submarine ride are optional add-ons and so is parachute ride, underwater diving. But all this means riding on motor boat waded through knee high water, transporting on to another floating ship that is anchored in the middle of the sea . A lesson for first timers ~ carry rubber slippers, go with shorts, a bath towel , swim wear and sun shield cream. We were fairly well equipped and no such regrets as that of handsome old Jordanian tourist.

All in all, we enjoyed our day tour to Pattaya with Akshta adding her fan following across different nationalities who had a common admiration for her beautiful eyes.

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