Friday, March 19, 2010

Child's dying gift: Kidneys for ailing father

This story is touching.

I am not sure if it was appropriate for NDTV to show this small girl's photo.

Tamil Nadu Govt has taken a lead in health care reforms. “Kalaignar Insurance Scheme for Life Saving Treatments” is for those with an annual income of Rs.72,000 or less and family including dependents can enjoy benefits up to Rs. 1 lakh for certain procedures in private hospitals and pay wards in government hospitals. This is a cashless transaction will be allowed up to the insured amount. Govt contracted Private insurance company to implement the scheme and roped in has number of hospitals in private health care centers and hospitals throughout the State.They used the large numbers to negotiate the treatment rates. Govt in their budget allotted premium of Rs. 500 p.a without any headache of disbursement. A smart move indeed that takes care of people and yet plug holes of corruption. Each beneficiary is given a biometric smart card bearing the health and treatment details of each member of the family to avail the service.

Another path breaking gesture of Tamil Nadu government of simplifying the organ procedure of giving priority for organ transplants from blood relatives.

Wonder what must be going through the mind of his father ?



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