Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life without Stomach

How often, I see 'Cancer ' and 'Accident ' strike those who otherwise would not have succumbed to any physical disorder . These people follow regimented and disciplined lifestyle, indulge in sports or physical activities and happy in their profession . Perhaps , 'Almighty' has his own ways that are brought into the play to ensure his life creation retains his pre-programmed scale of longevity.

Can a person live without a stomach ? "Yes I can Eat... But ..." gives fascinating insights about life without stomach .

When I see a motorbike on Indian road overtaking with sharp maneuvering or being in the vicinity of truck , I often visualize the death in terms of distance. The distance between life and death is no more than few feet. My heart sinks if I were to see a baby fast a sleep on her mama's lap who is sitting behind the bike and holding on to the rider. With heat , dust, potholes, speed breakers, sudden jerks and brakes, will she be able to hold to her seat and her baby ? A scary thought always flashes my mind as I see a ' family of four ' on bike through the window of my car, while traveling in India. I admire the concept of Tata Nano - to provide safety for family on bike.



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