Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Knowing about 'Snigdha'

What is the meaning of 'Snighda ' ? From school days, I had heard the word the word ' Snighda Padarth ‘ - a dish or an ingredient rich with contents of 'Snighda' . Later it became part of Marathi science vocabulary and food cuisine. All these years , I presumed it to be as a Marathi word for Protein with an adjective of ' Richness in contents' . A name by the word Snighda made me curious to ascertain if my knowledge was correct.

Snighda means gentle, calm and soothing. Now does that mean the food that has these three qualities make it a ‘ Snighda Padarth ? I was wrong. It is not a food with high protein content but with a fatty content. Perhaps fat means oily that is gentle, slippery and soothing. Bhaktivedanta vedabase covers the word Snigdha from references in Bhagvad Gita , Brahmsamhita and Isopnishada. It mentions the meaning as affectionate, slick, gentle, lovely, moist , loving , pleasing , attractive , glistening.

It is interesting and challenging to explain the meaning of Indian names to people of other cultures. In the process, we get a chance to decipher and realize the richness of Indian languages.



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