Monday, January 04, 2010

i phone : A new gadget for Akshta

Time has come to rewrite alphabet learning textbooks for small kids . M for Mac, K for KFC , C for Coke , P for Pizza Hut and Power Rangers, D for Diaper, B for Blackberry , I for i Phone . Thanks to visible brand merchandising, Akshta has learnt alphabets well before any textbook would put into use. Add to that the tool of ' You Tube' with karaoke tagline, the learning is at rapid pace with entertainment . i phone is the hallmark of GUI. Even a child of two and half years can effortlessly use it.

In Singapore , there is more crowd at mobile phone service operator's customer service center than could be at bus depot or airport. With the availability of I phone at all three service providers, it's a minimum an hour's wait to get anything done. Singapore must be one of the top countries with smart phones users per million population. Poor Nokia, it's relegated in the league of Samsung and LG. Just couple of years ago, Nokia was one of the top 10 global brands. Maintaining 'Technology Edge' is more relevant in mobile phones than any other product segment. I am keen to see if the Singaporeans craze for new gadget continues after the arrival of Google phone.

'Connectivity or Wired country ' could be another description of the Singapore . Notification about the change of home address is a mandatory requirement in Singapore . A visit to the neighborhood police station does not just the change the address on the ID but also makes change with 20 plus govt establishments ranging from defense to dental centers.

I have realized that the post surgical recovery is less dependent on the wound and it's healing but more on the immobility and the non functioning of any organs. At least this is so in my case . Inactivity of my feet muscles is creating more hardship for me to swing back in normal condition I have also realized that simple sheet of rubber strip , to tone up the muscles is perhaps as effective as any of the modern physio therapy gadgets.

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