Friday, January 01, 2010

Xin nian yu kuai (Happy New Year)

Q: How do you (Indian) celebrate New Year?
A: Drinking Beer! ‘wow.. Drinking beer?’.Nope, I immediately corrected myself. This must be true only with some in cities.
Q: But Jan 1st is not New Year for Indians.
A: Yes, It is not
Q: When is the New Year?
A: Sometime in March.
Q: What is it called?
A: There are several names in different parts of the country. And celebration too is different to the different regions. But this is just one of the New Year. We have many new years. Hindu calendar New Year, Accounting New Year ( Chopda Pujan), Financial and taxation new year ( March 31st) and also Jan 1st universal new year.

The conversation ceases. It is too much to absorb for any foreigner who is keen to understand and know the Indian customs of celebrating New Year.

Y’day, at the East Coast Park, two ladies approached us to know about how we were celebrating New Year. They were doing an article for ‘resident’ - a magazine for eastern suburbs residents of Singapore. We look forward to seeing our group picture in the magazine. At the East Coast, New Year was ushered without any cacophony of noise or the barrage of blast from car horns or fire crackers. Instead, amidst crowded beach with barbecue filled air had radioluminacent strips shaped in the form of rings and bangles aided by the ‘sparklers’ and ‘snow spray’ adding visual dimension to the live music band played in the front of beer guzzlers.

Previous Year ended with dosa, vada and pav bhaji and the new year began with some quick sips of red Martini (tasty kadha for me). Xin nian yu kuai



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