Thursday, December 31, 2009

See through Human beings

After see-through frogs, it now the turn of 'see through' Gold Fish. It seems one can see the beating heart through translucent scales and skin. When would be the turn for see through human beings.

The principle and the logic of making them see through is easy to understand . Make genetic modification to take away pigments from the skin. Once this is done, won't be any need for dissections, post mortem . This would go X ray, Ultrasound and contrast media mfrs go bankrupt. Security at the airport would be hassle free. With this one would be able to see a live heart or other organs making angiography procedures go easy. Job of PET and MRI would be replaced by a naked eye that would glance and rove around the functionality of various organs under different situations. Translucent Octopus and Jellyfish look terrific at night. Once this technology is transported to Human beings, beauty clinics would offer woman the choice of their translucent colour depending on their mood and the colour of attire
A good theme for for a movie with all its characters in see through.



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