Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Krishna Nee Begane Baro

I heard this music as a mobile tune while making a business call and was immediately captivated by the sweetness of the melody. On my next call I was hoping that the telephone is not picked up quickly so I get chance to hear this song little longer. Words didn’t matter when it comes to music . Few more calls and I had to ask the reciever about the singer and all I got was ‘chitra’. It wasn't that difficult to listen to the music but it did take some efforts to secure lyrics and meanings.Here is Chitra's rendition.
krishna nee bEganE baarO (Krishna! Soon You come!)
bEganE baarO mukavannu tOrO (Soon come and show [Your] face.)

kaalaal landhigE gejje niladha baavuli ([With]Anklets on the feet, [and] blue-sapphire bracelets)
nilavarNane naaTya vaaduta baarO ( [O!]Blue-hued One, come dancing. (Krishna! Soon You come!)
krishna nee bEganE baarO (Soon come and show [Your] face.)

Odiyalli Odigejje beraLalli ongura(On the waist, the waistband; on the finger[s],)
koraLalli haakida vajayantimaalE (the ring[s];[and] the neck adorned with the Vaijayanti garland*.)
krishna nee bEganE baarO(Krishna! Soon You come!)

kaasi peeTambara kaiyalli koLalu (Dressed in yellow Kashi [Silk], flute in hand,)
pushida shreegandha mayaOLu gamma gamma (and [with] the anointed sandal scent from the body.)
Krishna nee bEganE baarO(Krishna! Soon You come!)

taayige baayalli jagavannu torida (The One who showed the world in the mouth to the mother)
jagadhOdhaaraka namma uDupi shree Krishna (the upholder of the world! our [own] Udupi Shri Krishna!
krishna nee bEganE baarO(Krishna! Soon You come!)

I understand that verses were written by Vyasaraya Tirtha (1460-1539) but am not aware of the the original composer of this beautiful melody. Various forms of this rendition are sung by Hariharan , Yesu Das and also use of the tune in Colonial Cousins. All are good but not as enchanting as Chitra's. May be I have developed a bias after the short spell of the mobile tune.



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