Saturday, September 26, 2009

F1 loses sanctity

This weekend Singapore would host their 2nd F1.Last year, their inaugural attempt of night racing event was not just successful but dramatic too. An unexpected result was blessing in disguise for Singapore F1 night event.
But now on the eve of this year event, its reputation is sullied. What was thought to be the masterstroke by Renault team to go for early refueling is now turn out to be an outright cheating. In any sport, records are erased of those who win the competition by cheating. But here the situation is opposite. I find it crazy that Formula 1 governing body is giving indefinite ban Flavio Briatome who is anyway at the end of his retirement while Renault team gets two year suspended ban. What is at stake is billion dollars business and its glamour. Sports credibility is relegated to non entity .
My interest in this competitive sport is vanished as quickly as it was built up. Reading about Renault saga made me feel cheated. I wonder why they can't be sued by spectators, competitors ? F1 organizers have their own business interest in shielding Renault but what about those who bought tickets at fancy price. FY09 was won by Hamilton by just 1 point over Masa and Singapore result may have changed the final outcome. Would runner up team drag Renault to the court for robbing their moment of glory ? Willfully causing a traffic accident and endangering the lives of others is a punishable crime in Singapore and elsewhere too. Would Singapore traffic dept act against the Piquet Jr ?
Interest of who wins or loses has waned but desire tol drive past Benjamin Shearers bridge is still strong to feel the boom... boom thud noise.



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