Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael Jackson a musical genius

Fashion world damsels who dream of being celebrity are always paranoid of maintaining their chiseled body shape; however, the necessities of their career growth also dictate the need to socialize upper society echelons to weave their magic and charm around the rich and famous. They wine and dine in gay abundance but before the food reaches their intestine and is metabolized, they rush to washroom and take out all they could by forcing fingers in the throat. ‘yuck’ is the only expression that my face could have displayed when I heard this story . What a way to ensure that no extra flesh is around the waist. The price paid by all the celebrities would generally not come to the light. The shocking news about the demise of Michael Jackson and his forced regimen with diet, health made me remember the above incident.

Dubai newspaper headline one day reported the booking of Wild Wadi (water amusement park) by MJ; caption reflected obnoxious arrogance of money and fame but subsequent para showed the generosity of MJ. He had indeed booked the whole park but whoever went there on that day, they had free ride – courtesy MJ. How media can change the perception of a reader by irresponsible caption. I did watch documentary ' living with Michael Jackson’ that started all the proceedings against him on child abuse. The documentary, I must was very entertaining. I remember MJ demonstrating the art of moonwalk that looked so simple and easy but am sure could be grueling to shin and heel muscles. In that show, his confession of letting young boys sleep in bed led to child molestation charges against him and that led to reversal of his fortunes both in terms of creativity and wealth.

‘Thriller’ played all over musical stores of Akiabara, Ginza and Orchard musical stores marked my first trip abroad – Japan and Singapore in 84. Second trip honors went to Kaoma-Lambada. Very little is known about how and where Michael Jackson created his music. One day a movie on him similar to ABBA would reveal behind the activities of his musical creation.



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