Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kadachit Movie, Gaytari Devi and Pebble Pedometer

What is the right English word for Marathi equivalent of 'आक्रस्थाळेपणा'. I think it is ' Being Berserk'. I thought of this word, day before y'day, while watching a Marathi Movie 'कदाचित'. Sadashiv Amrapurkar, a fine actor but often portrayed in Hindi movies as a ' loud man who has gone berserk'. Give him a role that brings out a controlled aggression in him in a checked manner (संयमीः) , his histrionic brilliance is at its best . In this movie, he vividly portrayed a character of a criminal who spent his life time behind the prison , for a crime he may not have committed and yet carries with him humane qualities that ever always present but never exuded through his rough exteriors.

The website of this movie is very trendy like a Hollywood movie. I always have great admiration for woman who quit their gloried career to look after the family and raising children, used their spare time to enhance their skills and come back with a greater mission and accomplishment. Ashiwini Bhave has managed to do that. Being in oblivian over a decade, she sharpened her skills in movie making . When she found time, she picked up a simple story and managed to script and direct it so wonderfully. Another Jabbar Patel in making ?

Amitabh is his blog today wrote another exquisite piece of writing on Maharani Gayatri Devi. I still remember her ‘black & white’ photo portraits in the old days of ‘Illustrated weekly’. Amitabh has special skills of articulating emotions through images of his experience. He brings out her humane face that not many ordinary people are aware of . Most bourgeois and me included, tend to relate royal people with their regalia and extravagance. May her soul rest in peace and may her name be immortalized through her institutions, she founded and nurtured.

I am also amazed by his pebble like Omran pedometer. I even looked at the Amazon website . This novel product doesn’t cost all that much but it kept me wondering what could be the principle behind the sensing the foot movement. Is it a pendulum sensor that measures the angular deviation that correspond with leg movement ? One must walk 10,000 steps every day. I am tempted to buy this electronic pebble and keep a count of how many I do every day.


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