Thursday, March 19, 2009

'Wednesday' on Thursday

I was just rummaging the list of Hindi movies listed across different alphabets and realized list isn't that uniform. 'W' was one just alphabet and I remembered movie 'Wednesday' that won 'best screen play award'.

Image of ' Naseer on PC ' being blown from the top of Mumbai Building was the only visible image that the movie promo had projected. 'Wednesday' picked up the pace very early but soon plot broke down into various subplots. I kept wondering if this movie too was going to wind up as most recent movies that started with great promise and excitement but failed miserably. 'Wednesday' subplots did take away the focus from the 'protagonist' but smart and fast editing kept the pace alive.

What started as a quick review of a film gripped my attention to complete the screening of this movie. Anything more I say on 'Wednesday' would be unfair to this fascinating and well scripted movie and movie watchers. All I can say it deserved an award for 'screenplay'. The gap between 'Bollywood' and 'Hollywood' is definitely diminishing .



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