Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Akshta

जन्मदिनमिदम् अयि प्रियसखि । (Janmadinamidam ayi priya sakhe)
शान्तनो तु ते सर्वदा मुदम् ॥ (Santanotu te sarvada mudum)
प्रार्थयामहे भव शतायुषि । (Prarthayamahe bhava satayusi)
ईश्वरः सदा त्वां च रक्षतु ॥ (Isvarah sada tvam ca raksatu)

पुण्य कर्मणा किर्तिमर्जय । (Punya karmana kirtimarjaya)
जीवनं तव भवतु सार्थकम् (Jivanam tava bhavata sarthakam)
Dear Akshta,

Wish you a very happy birthday!

O dear sister! May this birthday bring auspiciousness and joy to you forever. Indeed, we all pray for your long life. May the Lord always protect you. By noble deeds, may you attain fame and may your life be fulfilled!

With Love,
Sanjana didi, Gautam dada
Kaka , Kaki & Leela Aaji
I found this greeting pretty cute. Thanks Gautam & Sanjana.

While understanding the meaning of the words , I chanced upon the website of Chinmaya Mission Dallas/Fort Worth. Gautam and Sanjana's association with Chinmaya Mission must have reconnected them to b'day greeting thoughts in Sanskrit.

This website gives a link for all Sanskrit resources. It's great to see a sincere effort being made to revive this almost defunct language. I remember giving Sanskrit Prathama examination and I was the only student in my school who failed. Those days, 'Fail' was denoted by 'Red Ink' and everyone was curious to know this specimen who fail in an exam when all other students opt for scoring high grades. But I didnt enjoy mugging some 'sholka' and 'subhasheet' without any understanding of them or it's relevance. For my secondary school exam, I chose Moghul/British History instead of Sanskrit. A subject that is great entertainer with every second page of teh book covering wars, battles, intrigue laced with colourful personalities. I may just have managed to score 60% marks compared to my other friends who didn't go below 95% But I enjoyed the 'Indian History' without the teacher and class room study.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Akshta

5:20 AM  
Blogger Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm said...

Hi I am asha from Bangalore. Can you please record the Janam Divas song and post it on You tube or send it to me to
I run 2 Rashtrotthana Parishath schools here in Kalyan Nagar & Rama Murthy Nagar, Bengaluru and want to teach this song to all the school children.

6:47 PM  

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