Monday, February 23, 2009

Three movies in a day

What does one do, when medicines that were supposed to alleviate your physical pain cause further damage? One can either go back to medical specialist and ask him to alter the course of the treatment or one detach from medical intervention and let body find its rhythm naturally. I chose later option when a treatment for fever, throat infection led to persistent cough and collapse of voice box.

Over the weekend, I chose two therapies. First, lot of rest and second, drink plenty of warm water. Restless mind even with rest often turns to laptop. I started with Hindi movie Ghazani on Saturday and finished By Sunday morning. This was followed by later part of Billu Barber and then Maqbool that stretched up to the late night. Domination of character ‘Mian’ was too strong to leave my nightmarish mind disturbed by acute cough attacks emanating from tiniest of bronchi. With natural treatment heading nowhere, I will have no option but to go back to the doctor. These days, various Internet sites belonging famous medical colleges in UK/USA let one surmise the cause of symptom. My symptoms can lead to Acute Bronchitis, Chronic Sinusitis and Throat Cancer. Let us see what doc says!

In Ghazani, I learnt about this character artist – Pradeep Rawat- from Garhwal who made a bastion in southern film industry. Was he the apt choice for Ghazani? I felt he was portrayed a bit crude for a pharmaceutical businessman but his expressions do demonstrate his potency for his devilish intentions. Irfan Khan is galloping his career much the same pace as Nasser and Om Puri did in their heady days. I wonder why Atul Kulkarni is missing getting such roles.



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