Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dialysis Insurance in India

What are we waiting for when all variables for sustainable successful business model are present and intact?

Few snapshots for India Dialysis

• App 2,000K patients with renal failure. 900K need dialysis
• Adds app.150K ESRD new persons every year. Only app. 20K has an access to treatment. 75% don’t even get a chance because of lack of awareness, lack of care and affordability.
• Out of 20K, 4K gets Renal Transplant while 8K gets HD. Rest perish waiting to tap resources. Even those who get treated ended up in losing all their family wealth, health and peace of mind and even kidney and yet don’t live longer. Doesn’t have insurance nor any social welfare measures.
• The mean age of ESRD patients is between 32 and 42 years, compared to 60 and 63 years in developed countries. They are at productive age for the nation.
• Three times a week dialysis costs app. Rs 10,000.equivalent to the entire family income per month.

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