Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holidy Inn Malacca @ second time - not so happy.

How quickly any business establishment falls in the eyes of a customer ? Very often a repeat use of the services is suffice to do that. This happend with us at Holiday Inn Malacca.

Our first stay at this hotel was almost 10 months ago. The service was top class, people were cheerful and friendly. The hotel appeared like a new bride with enthusiastic staff overeager to extend hospitality. Hotel offered complimentary massage and freebie for club members. Second visit was last week . The difference was noticeable. Smile disappeared, staff must be lacking in strength as phone kept ringing without prompt answer. Complimentary drinking water bottle was never replenished until asked. Request for Ice bucket was responded by “on charge". No freebie, no massage. For a double room - additional tiny soap and duplicate card key was given only after a request.

During first visit, we had decided not to stay anywhere other than Holiday Inn. Second visit would make us realize that we must try other hotels as well. Was it extra pampering on the part of Holiday Inn staff during first time or declining bottom line of hotel industry in the recession hit tourism industry. Holiday Inn Malacca - Despite great facilities and great view of Malacca, strait woefully fell short of our expectations



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