Monday, December 08, 2008

An election meeting in Delhi

“Sonia Jee, Rahul Jee, Man Mohan Singh Jee and Sheila Dixit Jee signed Nuclear treaty with America . This would bring more electricity to our homes. Our opposition is asking how much would that be of any benefit ? 30 % - 40% more power ? Is it worth it ? I say to them and you. Like you have inverter at home that makes 3 hour power to 6 hours. We have scientists in this country that will make this 40% power to 100 %. I have confidence and faith in our scientists. Do you Have ? If so, give your vote to Congress, Sonia jee , Sheila Dixit jee.”. These brilliant arguments were from Mr. Sumesh Singh Shaukeen – the candidate from Matiala constituency in Delhi assembly election. I am not sure if his argument swayed his predominantly Jat audience or not, But Shaukeen won this election by 6,000 votes.

I had an opportunity to see his election meeting. This gave me an opportunity how an election meeting in rural setting takes place. How ego and pride of seniors are kept intact to veer them around the candidate. How a mike is freely made avaialble to everyone who has natural instincts of public leadership or who has desire to reach a stage. How red carpet is laid across the street covering all potholes and chairs are well placed so that everyone gets a seat with a good view. How important is the stage management and how crucial is the sofa set on the stage. Getting a seat on the stage is an indication of becoming who’s who is the constituency. How demands are raised to have a name included in the list of ‘thank you and acknowledgement’ and how tactically an election meeting coordinator complies with these requests. How important are LP's of Manoj Kumar movies songs sung by Mahendra Kapoor in creating patriotic ambiance . How crucial are freebies of caps, balloons in roping Kids to create festive spirits.

So, Mr. Shaukeen is now an MLA from Matiala constituency. Shaukeen Real Estate, Shaukeen farms – signs are posted on the left side of the road from Kapaskheda to Durga Vihar. He is like a mini ambani of this place. I wish when he completes his tenure – I would see Shaukeen School and College than his personal wealth and property being swelled.

I am happy to see Sheila Dixit is back in power third time in a row. I stayed in Delhi around 99-02 and that was the worst nightmare for Delhi. Roads dug up all over for flyovers, Power cut for majority of the day and night, murders and mayhem but that was the beginning of sincere working by Sheila Dixit. In years to come – Delhi became better despite her population spilling all over its seams. I am delighted voters in Delhi proved wrong the catchword of media ‘Anti Incumbency Vote’.

If a politician is sincere, honest and transparent – people do back them irrespective of caste, religion and political affiliation. Congratulations Sheila Dixit and Mr Shaukeen.

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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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