Saturday, October 18, 2008

Madhav Julian and Indiver -प्रेमस्वरुप आई and Zindgi Ka Safar

When I hear this poetry of Madhav Julian sung by Lata - my eyeballs swell with a blob - as the poem reaches mid way. A fabulous rendition that seems to have bled through damaged heart of this man.

Tears don’t come that easily to me. That prerogative belong to Rajesh Khanna in Hindi movies of Anand Amar Prem and Dharmendra in Satyakam . In this poem too tears don’t come because I miss my mother or think of her from a distant land. This poem resurrects a character who has raised in orphanage and became successful to get all the comforts and accolades that a man can strive for. Yet he has remained empty in his heart without the existence of his mother। He doesnt remember her face as she has left long before she made any imprint on his life.

Today is my mother’s birthday and I thought it would be appropriate to write about this poem.

There is another song – rather second stanza of the song – penned by Indiver in movie Safar also evokes similar anguish। Here the agony is about those little innocent souls who never got a chance to see the world। In a country that has dubious record of aborting female infants – these words bludgeon through heart the same way as poetry of ‘ Prem Swarup Aai’

Aise Jeevan Bhi Hain Jo Jiye Hi Nahin
(There are those unfortunate souls who never got a chance to live )
Jinko Jeene Se Pehle Hi Maut Aa Gayi
(and those tragic souls perished even before breathed a life)
Phool Aise Bhi Hain Jo Khile Hi Nahin
(Those tiny buds never got a chance to bloom )
Jinko Khilne Se Pehle Fiza Kha Gai
(and they were pushed into dried leaves before they have chance to blossom )
Hai Pareshaan Nazar Thak Gaye Chaaraagar
(The vision is blurred and life is wearisome)
Koi Samjha Nahin Koi Jaana Nahin
(No one has fathomed and no one has understood the mystery of life )

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