Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Tube and Indian Music

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You Tube has been the best thing happened to sample the live performances of those talented musicians who are not much in circulation with TRP savvy satellite TV channels. In a movie Vijeta directed by Govind Nihlani – song ‘ मन आनंद आनंद छायो..’ had made me aware of two names – ‘ Satyasheel Deshpande’ and ‘ Ajit Varman’. Both these names, I had not known before the movie nor got to hear them afterwards as well. You Tube have some samples of his ‘live performances’ but his website Satyasheel Deshpande is indeed an eye opener to realize his knowledge and depth of Indian classical music.

I must be fortunate to attend live performance of both Vilayat Khan and Sujaat Khan – Father and Son Sitar Maestro duo. I attended Vilayat Khan’s when I must have been barely 12-13. It was at Girgaum Chowpati – for a charity show organized by Mai Aaji ( Mogubai Kurdikar). She also sang in this show alongwith her daughter Kishori Amonkar. Perhaps this was her last public show. has many recordings of Mai Aaji. At habitat in New delhi , I attended Sujaat Khans’ sitar recital. The fascinating aspect of his performance is ‘communication rapport’ that he builds with listeners. Most of the older generation performing artists often would sing in trance while taking audience to another alter but this was true with musical aficionados but lesser mortal like me – who enjoyed the music and ambience but didn’t understand the finer nuances left it lurching half way. Sujaat has a knack to tap those youngsters who want to know about Indian classical music but would like to have it simple and easy way. Sujaat often sings and explains the finer nuances and even narrates an anecdote or a story. In habitat also, he narrated a story about Mogubai’s influence on him while staying in the same lane in Gowalia Tank. In this sample of Sujaat Khan , one can see his deft fingers weaving a magic as he makes understanding of finer nuances of Yaman Kalyan.

In today’s world, talent and recognition need not have any correlation. In order to get recognized one often needs either strong genealogy or moneybag support of some individual. Mohd and Ahmed Hussein – melodious Gazal singers could never get the recognition as that of Jagjit, Pankaj Udhas but I do hope their nephew Mohd Vakil gets it after getting visibility on SA Re Ga Ma talent show.

I am still searching for Mp3 of 'मन आनंद ..' and while doing so,I saw similar requests in various other forums. I hope to get this as I unearth various forgotten talents of Indian classical music including rare renderings of Mogubai Kurdikar.

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