Thursday, December 20, 2007

akshta -7th & 8th Month

Three countries, Four cities, from temp of high 40's and heat to mid 20's with lots of rain, Akshta seem to have taken tumultuous hectic journey in her side. But not without some anxious moments in Mumbai and Abu Dhabi by rushing to doctor. Her new look without her disheveled flowing hair - her very own trademark of first six months- may have delighted her Srilakan hair stylist at Safeer Mall, but I was sad to reconcile to her new image. She must have felt as helpless as Samson in her new avatar.



Anonymous jay mashi said...

Akshata u are beauty fromevery angle..and there's sparkle in yr eyes that ismost captivating...i predicted somethings to yr dad and now here's to u..."u will b one in million." lots of love Jaya Mashi

9:14 AM  
Anonymous reflector said...


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