Sunday, September 09, 2007

Story of Sholay

These days, most movies partner with TV channel and project it as media partner. TV channel in turn is genrous with air time in creating an upbeat mood towards a movie to draw people to movie theater. So far so good ! But recently I see a change in the approcah of different TV channels. Those channels who are not in partner with the project go all out to in projecting this movie as flop and sabotage its chances of survival.

I was surprised to see one channel projecting Ramu Ki Aag movie as an utter trash and to prove that it created special program on 'Making of Sholay'. I didnt like their approach but enjoyed the narrating the trivia that went behind in making one of the meomeorable epic saga in hindi movie history.

Today, one of the pancham bhakt gave this link from BBC Asian Network celebrating Sholay's 30th anniversary. Its enjoyable listening to Ramesh Sippy on making Sholay, Music and Dharmendra's interview. You can click Story Of Sholay


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