Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pancham's final Journey.

Lee Iacocca in his autobiography mentioned that he was lucky to have been born in USA and also being born at this period of USA. I feel, we all are lucky to have Pancham been born in India but we would have been more fortunate if he were to arrive two decades later - when fruits of digital music and globalization is making Indian talent shine on the world horizon. Pancham with A R Rahman would have ruled music scene globally.

I cant imagine how FM's in India would have commercially survived without Pancham. Today most popular remix are churned out of Pancham's old melodies of 70's and 80's and they co-exist with original songs enchanting almost four generations. His ever presence melodies on FM makes us feel that he is very much part of us. Only when we see the above video, realization hit us that he is no more .

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