Friday, August 31, 2007

The Top 20 Reasons Not to Move to Dubai by Tia O’neill

I read this article written by Ms Tia O’neill on I think this site is a compiler of articles from elsewhere. Being a resident of Dubai over five years, I read her points very carefully and I must admit that they are relevant and objective - only if they are view from myopic view of western viewpoint and lifestyle with utter disregard to culture, ethnicity . This article received more than 400 comments within space of 8 hours, that shows that article did evoke reactions - both in consonance and otherwise.

I feel, the views expressed by the author may not hold much priority for ordinary job seekers from Indian Subcontinent and other asian countries who flock to Dubai to sustain their family back home. But none the less, it contain some hard facts and realities. Ask anyone from Indian subcontinent or Africa, they will say Dubai is a paradise. And it is indeed a paradise if you consider living in a country where you don’t get enough electricity, water , transport and in some cases utter lawlessness riddled with corruption, mob fury and brutality.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

if u dont like dubai then just leave.. go back to your own country...i can list loads of reasons why a person should not move to the u.s., so dont think your country is perfect! dubai is not perfect but still is an amazing city to live in.. nobody forced you to come to dubai so just go back. and i hope u already have!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a much more objective review of that article!!!

3:02 AM  
OpenID woodechoon2000 said...

well i have lived in America a long time and your right its not perfect but trust me there's scales for things. Nothing is perfect but some things are shittier then others. Here's a 1-10 scale 10 being the highest. Darfur: 0.1 Dubai: 3.5 Usa 8
i can tell you by reading this article american is ten times a better place to live

9:58 PM  

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