Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Raipur - A city that came on Medical Map of India

In early 80’s I visited Raipur few times while being on business visit to Bhilai. I also did visit Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Medical college to make some sales calls. But seeing the condition of the hospital, I felt it was better to relax in a hotel and have dinner at Girnar restaurant that served fine Indian food. After seeing the infrastructure conditions of this city, it was clear that Raipur got a raw deal compared to other cities in Madhya Pradesh such as Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior. During the course of time, I did know about a new state Chattisgarh that came into existence out of MP but forgot about Raipur that became capital of this new state.

On May 29th 2007, NDTV covered the news of ‘separation of surgery of 10 month old conjoined twins – Ram and Laxman ’. What surprised and stunned me that this surgery was to be performed in Raipur at Ambedkar Government Hospital. Suddenly images of cream coloured barren walls , open wooden benches and laboratory with worn out yellow stained glassware flashed my eyes. I started dreading about the functioning of Heart Lung Perfusion System, Anesthesia , Ventilator and monitoring systems in a Govt hospital that may not have adequate air conditioning and power back up. Suddenly, I was anxious about the outcome of this surgery and kept wondering what made the parents of these twins opt for Raipur to any major cities such as bangalore, new delhi.

And I am glad I was proved wrong on all my apprehensions. This Surgery not only became successful but today kids walked out of the hospital. NDTV did cover the news after 10 days but most other media didn’t give that much importance. In July 2003, the whole world and India media too covered the Surgery of Iranian twin conjoined twin sisters at Raffles Hospital, Unfortunately, both died 90 minutes apart from massive blood loss. I wish doctors and paramedical staff at this hospital got as much kudos as in Raffles Hospital.

Congratulations to team of doctors that included team of Amin Menon, a pediatric surgeon, A K Sharma, Chief Surgeon and others.

This one event in the state of Chattisgarh- considered as THE rural backward state ridden with poor infrastructure has undoubtedly highlighted the expertise and commitment of doctors that dedicate their lives in rural areas.

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