Thursday, May 17, 2007

Roz Roz Ankhon Tale

Being group member of ‘Gulzar Fan Yahoo Group’, helps me understand the essence of poetry of Gulzar that is understood by all his admirers worldwide.

I sometimes wonder if RD kept his best musical genius for Gulzar or Gulzar kept his best poetry for RD Burman . But this duo with the help of Asha have created some of the memorable poetic musical embellishments. One such song is Roz Roz Ankhon Tale…. Hardly anyone would remember this movie Jeeva – picturised on Sanjay Dutt and Mandakini. But this is one of my favourite songs on all three counts – lyrics, music and rendition. RD has adroitly covered Amit Kumar’s limitation of clasical base while extracting the very best from Asha.

Silbil has translated this song in Engligh. I admire his attempt. I too tried with my novice skills . Its not easy to translate a poetry in a foreign language. Appropriate words often fail to reflect and retain the theme and essence of poetry in original language. Moreoever each language has its own nuances that cant be transcended in another language. I was at loss to find english words for Tanhai and Dil, Ulzan. Aparna Banerjee has also written a nice article of her association with this song.
You can listen to this song on dishant

Roz roz aankhon tale, ek hi sapna chale
raat bhar kaajal jale, aankh mein jis tarah khwaab ka diya jale
day by day, beneath the shadow of my eyes, a dream strolls over
As night’s wing spread , kohl gets consumed the same way flame of my dream diminishes in my eyes

jab se tumhaare naam ki misri honth lagayi hai
meetha sa gham hai aur meethi si tanhaii hai

Since the day my lips have felt your succulance
Pain too has a sweet tinge , being lonely with your passion is also mellifluous

Chhoti si dil ki uljhan hai, yeh suljha do
jeena to seekha hai mar ke, marna sikha do tum

Can you entangle tiny emotional enigma that has set in my heart
I have adapted to live by being dormant, but now I need your help to set free from this world.

aankhon per kuch aise tum ne zulf gira di hai
bechaare se kucch khawaabo ki neend udaa di hai
seeing your hair fall over your eyes
hapless dreams too have abandoned the precious sleep

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