Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Googling" to reach my blog

I am surprised, intrigued by knowing the ways people across the world reached my blog albeit unintentionally and accidently by seeking information on google. Blog Map Statistics lets me the know the terms that people have put in goggle search engine. A glance of these shows that most popular words were : Mangesh Padgaonkar followed by Veer Savarkar and Laghu Rudra.

Now ‘goggling’ is official word English word in dictionary!!. The key words that were input :

mangesh padgaonkar
"Margaret Wilde"+obesity
gillette razor and islam
funny poems of two lines marathi
sister birthday marathi
jayostute meaning
water vacuum cleaner banned in japan
Air India seat width
mao tse tung monument at the Badaling Great Wall
good poems in marathi
aamir khan reasons for divorce
aamir khan divorce
crows extinction
edge level longan
ostentious dictionary
aaja saajna
smash proof auto windows
"king ashoka" "underground city"
synonym goggly
pappu meaning
cripps commission
mention of incense sticks in quraan
marathi poem
qantab muscat
Omani Lady
meaning of jayostute
damascus the oldest capital on earth
wife+sitaram yechuri
myanmar + african hair braiding
poem of mangesh padgaonkar
split ac india online buy
padgaonkar poem
Mangesh Padgaonkar
muslims in marathwada
Anjanibai Malpekar
goggly cricket
Khana Khajana in Dubai
pancreatitis AND anagram
aloo bujha recipes
picture of andrew symonds and his girlfriend
mangesh padgaonkar poems
mangesh Padgaonkar
and mangesh padgaonkar poems
material used in indian fake currency
second life waterfall mist script
marathi poem
mangustan recipes
aspects of love, gregory roberts
list of indians in africa from kolhapur city
defined "patience is virtue"
goggly lake
aiye mere vatan ke logo
"bas wohi pyar hai"
ae mere vatan ke logo lata mangeshkar
mangesh padgaonkar
Tom Graveny
goggly map
pepsi plant khartoum sudan
losing virginity synonym
Mafia controlled central database booking system...
shurba adds
quality of life in singapore versus dubai
nasa google earth and sri lanka india bridge
Akashwani Tune
laghu rudra
punjabi haggis
women shitting on each other
marriage one liners]
lata mangeshkar live concerts
oneliners luck
"mil jaaye is"
toilet sanitation customs saudi
indian politician
free hindi movie roza
wild beasts of Serengeti
nani ardeshir palkhivala
rig veda rudra
Yemeni descent Hyderabadi
lour muzeum
Bill Gates "Life Lessons"
jokes+ulta pulta
marriage one liners
veer savarkar
free marathi drama blog
lord vandile
marathi culture
veer savarkar saagara
Japan punctuality
damam municipality
bismillah khan sanai
laghu rudra pooja
bismillah khan signature
Mangesh padgaonkar
indian consulate dubai telephone
"Mangesh Padgaonkar"
historical longevity
Vijay Mallya + Academic Profile
pirated dvd carry on luggage canada
iyer prayers for goodwife
sanai of ustad bismilla khan
mangesh Padgaonkar phone number
sunil gavaskar + hit with oranges in eden gardens
padgaonkar mangesh poems
inzamam conversation with tony greig
last king of mumbai
savarkar songs
padgaonkar poems marathi
english version of mazi janmathep
jaspal bhatti jokes
megha malhar raga from music india online
anjanibai malpekar
saving is sin spending is virtue



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