Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 comes to an end

2006 would come to an end…A year, in which I ...

• realized that Indian judicial system can take a sudden and swift positive turn after being in a dormant state for many years and all this happens with a single man at the helm of judgmental affairs. This is true not just with High court and Supreme Court but also with lower civil court.
• joined the league of Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Woody Allen, Michael Douglas and Frank Sinatra.
• learned the art of visual deception of aging.
• have germinated the seed for continuation of genealogy and immortality.
• came across benovalent souls of Zokhuram, Sham Bihari and crooked souls of Tyagi.
• became arya samaji by participating in rituals without understanding the essence of arya samaj
• met two Brahmins who are proud and passionate about their profession and the role they play in the society.
• understood the mechanism of wheeling dealing at Kapaseda – tahsil
• familiarized myself with pahadi culture and traditions in rural jat dominated suburb of urbane delhi
• realized that people who are possessed by hatred and zealot ness can never be satisfied.
• have continued my interest in writing, poetry , Japanese language skills and Nanhi Kali .
• learnt newer blog tools
• read beautiful books like The God of Small Things, Losing Virginity, An autobiography of Yogi, Shantaram, Maximum city, Argumentative Indian,
• was impacted by movies of Rang De Basanti, Gangster, Lage Raho Munnabhai,
• undertook first time visits to fascinating places like vagator, Kihim , Johannesburg, Cape Town, Chiang Mai, Hamburg, Edinborough, Penang.
• experienced the excitement of performing the role as that of movies ‘fugitive’ ‘farar’ ‘majboor’.
• undertook my most arduous journey spanned in 48 hours : dubai- new delhi – lodhi road – najafgarh -kaspas kheda- gurgaon- new delhi- mumbai- dubai- johannesberg – cape town – reaching somerset west at 10 pm of the following day.
• missed Hrishi da, Bismillah khan, Saddam hussien by their passing away
• experienced the thrill of taking Japanese nude bath with foreign customers.


Anonymous katm0855 said...

I wanted to say that yesterday I noticed a quote on your site by Edgar Allan Poe, it was the first stanza within the poem "A Dream Within A Dream", but that poem makes you think and I just had to post it on my site. Thanks for the little bit of inspiration!

1:54 PM  

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