Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Life Companion

My father had bought this in 1964 at Indian Rupee 4.00 (10 cents). Printed in Great Britain, this ‘The Little Oxford Dictionary compiled by George Ostler is still is intact with her brown cover bind that has inner liner in the form of surgical dressing. The thread – almost like suture - that holds the pages has still not given up. This little dictionary has been my companion from early English learning days and still with me next to my worktable.

There used to another Marathi – English – Marathi dictionary – I think by Veerkar. It was bulky greyish green coloured one that reminded me of baby elephant. This baby elephant helped me in my Marathi school days. Later in college days, my father brought Riverside Webster Dictionary – crimson red colour with few illustrations on thin butter paper. He put his name on this dictionary but I grabbed it when I saw it. Being gentle person he was, he didn’t object. Other than Veerkar, both these dictionaries are still part of my life. Little oxford stays next to me on my work space and big one book shelf. With emergence of net, Merriam Webster Online Dictionary is now book marked.

I have a habit of marking the word that I refer in the dictionary. Most of these dictionaries have coloured markings all over. My fascination with words is evident when I rummage through Reader’s Digest. First page I turn to is ‘test your vocabulary’. Now similar quiz is on my blog too.


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