Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Last Minute Blues for India Hockey

It’s painful to watch India’s matches in the current world cup.

Fourth time in a row, India went down in last 10 minutes. Does India hockey team need a sports psychologist? If cricket team were to lose in this manner, all conjectures would have led to match fixing accusations. But this is not true with our Hockey stalwarts. Enthusiasm match with skills and spirit only to leave the field with dropping heads.

Coach Bhaskran attributes this crucial inability to hold the team together in final 10 minutes. 2-2 with Germany, 1-0 with England and South Africa, and today 1-0 with South Korea till final 10 minutes and then all of sudden we concede penalty corners in galore.

It must be so hard to the youngsters who play with their hearts out.

I still have vivid images of India winning world cup in 1975 in Kaula Lampur when I gave my first SSC exam. As I gave my second exam on first day at chetna college , I knew India had prevailed over Pakistan with big noise outside. I still remember Ajit Pal Singh as center half, Govinda, Ashok Kumar in wings, Harcharan Singh, Chand Singh in defence and without Jaswantsingh – hockey commentary wouldn’t be the same on AIR.
I am sure every Indian hockey fan must have been as disappointed as I am


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