Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hamburg - cosy sojorn

Chand Tare Tod Lao ( I shall pluck moon and stars)

From this tiny hotel room in Hamburg, I could have almost got the moon as this song says. But the cloudy weather and daylight till midnight made it difficult. This hotel nestled 10 minute taxi drive from Hamburg Airport and 25 minute bus ride from the down town city makes a stay not just comfortable and pleasant but if one were lucky to a get room on terrace, it brings clouds, moon and stars within one’s reach.

I stayed in one such room. This room is fitted with two glass window sills along the sloping roof and both are just 3 feet above the bed, there is another window directly opposite the bed. A telescope fitted on tripod stand is next to the sill for those who want a free ride to the Galaxy. Its early June, Hamburg is lush green and so are the surroundings of this hotel. Never before, I have experienced a hotel room that would take me to sleep watching skyline and wake me up with fresh morning sunrays and flotilla of clouds amidst chirping of birds. Hotel Entrée Residenz and Garni, small, cosy, elegant, functional, comfortable hotel located in Borsteler Chaussee , 168- 22453 Hamburg brings greenery, moon, stars and sky next to you at Euro 84.00 per day.

This 20 room hotel doesn’t boast swimming pool, 24 hour coffee shop or gymnasium but room is fitted with refrigerator, small TV, central heating system and also portable air cooler, a study table with glass top holds Kids bedtime storybooks. A center table with glass top with bamboo chair make a room complete without making it congested. Upholstery is enchanting combination of yellow, green, orange montage, with walls in cream white, and toilet equipped with German fitting makes this hotel room soothing and comfortable.

B’fast is served in the small pantry on the ground floor with a glass façade facing the garden. Petal shaped glass plate for fruits, elongated glass bottles for colourful juices, various breads in colourful wrap inside bamboo basket, choice of cheese, jam, butter are carefully laid on center glass table. Cream coloured tapered cups with conical ceramic kettle for coffee, coloured ceramic plate placed with dark maroon tissue paper on pastel shade of table top depict aesthetic sense of this owner. The B’fast service is one man army but impeccable, friendly and personal.

I met Martin- who I had spoken from Dubai while confirming my booking - in breakfast room and later at reception. He exemplified the guiding principle of customer satisfaction in hotel industry. Attention to the every detail, friendly cheerful demeanour, and perfection in every act. I was curious if this hotel was part of any renowned chain but this was not so. Martin and his wife are the owners. After completing apprenticeship for 3 years as a waiter and 1 year as a chef followed by stint of managerial assignment in Holiday inn chain; he started this venture and now puts all his skills and experiences into this little hotel to ensure customers feel satisfied and are cared well.

No wonder, people who stay in Hotel Entrée make sure that they recommend to anyone visits Hamburg.


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