Wednesday, May 10, 2006

sikkim : A visit year ago but feel like it happenend y'day

As my car approached LuLu supermarket where I had gone to take my passport picture for my forthcoming Japan trip, the thought flashed my mind “ why I am wasting my life here in Dubai Summar at 40 plus temp”. I consoled myself that India is no better than Dubai with temp in most parts atleast 3 degree more than in Dubai and on top of it, perennial power cut and water shortage.

When I watch NDTV weather bulletin every morning and see Gangtok temp at 20 degree, I long for that place. What’s special about Sikkim ? I can’t pick up. Is it sheer beauty of nature, Is it Himalayas or wonderful people ? All I know is that I miss Sikkim- Gangtok very much. How often I have told myself that I do belong to this place and its people. Destiny brought me to this place after decades and now I feel Sikkim should be part my second part of life innings . How I miss being at my friend Khanna's home made up of simple wooden planks on raised platform amidst lush green rain soaked surroundings and sipping chang- beer. Sitting with feet immersed in chilled flowing rivulets of water gushing out of high rise moutanins on it’s way to join river Teesta was like being a part of nature's mosaic pattern. Enchanting place with wonderful people, that’s Sikkim . Going out with laxumann to the Tashi view point, filling up lungs with cool misty air, looking at floating clouds that goes past while deciphering water plant that supplies water to the city.

It would be a year when I undertook this journey but it seems I never left this place even for a day. Idea of was burgeoned while i was there and within few months it took shape, now this idea has turned into a reality. How I wish to be there in Gangtok to make this business profitable as I enjoy the beauty of nature and in my part time teach little buddha’s (student monks) at monastery. I wonder how long this psuedo ‘sense of job satisfaction’ of corporate recognition and gratis in terms of foreign travel would last. If two and half decades of work expereince in the most competitive industry coupled with people skills and steady mind garnered over this period cant make me shift my base to Gangtok, then have I learnt the art of doing some exceptonal and extraordinary ?

I must make one more visit to sikkim to check if this yearning for Sikkim is truly well entrenched in my soul and not just an illusory mirage of my first brush of love with himalayas.
p.s :I read the article on "memories of sikkim" from the blog of and my own memories of Sikkim poured.


Blogger alice said...

though i've never been to sikkim...i've heard its beautiful...actually i've seen the pics and some videos on my handy dad went there last time...

12:25 AM  
Anonymous asha said...

Your profile is very nice and i was amazed at the way you travel!!!
We, my husband, son and myself normally take a break once a year from our routine to enjoy some days. Three years before, we had visited Gangtok too. and we love the place.
and during that trip, i adopted Teesta river as my 'sister' and you will not believe, it was at Sikkim that i really found out that humans can really embrace a river!!! I still remember the emarald beauty.

9:52 PM  

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