Saturday, May 06, 2006

if things don’t go my way I’m filing a 498a

I believe lot of these women who end up filing 498a’s are inherently very insecure and weak. They appear to have craved for attention and control all their life. They are not willing to commit to a relationship and bear the ups and downs of marrried life.

Also, something strangely familiar with most of these women is the role of their father and mother in their parents marraige. Allow me to clarify, IMO, women coming from homes where the father is a dodo and nothing short of a doormat tend to be most vengeful. Simple reason being girls have seen their fathers getting trounced by their wives (aka the girls mother) all their life and their fathers squirming at the thought of his wife giving him some 3rd degree. With time girls begin to rationalise that men are meant to be controlled and ridiculed by their wives. Hence the hard stance - if things don’t go my way I’m filing a 498a.

This is just my observation. Some of the most successful marriages I have seen with friends and relatives are those where the girls father is very strong and knows the rights and wrongs of life and relationships. Lot of parents screw up their daughters marriages by allowing them to complain about their husbands and inlaws in fact sometimes even encouraging such behavior. This takes away the element of respect and harmony between the wife and husband which is essential for any successful relationship. Remember there is no such thing as designer husbands or wives or in-laws. Everything takes time to shape up.

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