Sunday, April 23, 2006

All the best : Mr Pramod Mahajan

I saw Pramod Mahajan soon after BJP lost power in the center. Just outside the arrival porch of the Mumbai airport, while I was waiting for my car to pick me up, he walked out along with his wife to get into his Opal Astra car that his driver had pulled it. He was immaculately dressed in suit and tie. While they are getting into it, driver behind his car switched on his car headlights. Pramod Mahajan thought it must have been someone known to him and started looking at him through his half shut eyes blinded by the car lights. When the car driver started honking, he realized that it wasn’t the case of the man knowing Mr Mahajan but his annoyance of Mr. Mahajan’s taking his own time to get into the car.

Just few months ago, with India Shining campaign – it was a familiar sight of Mr. Pramod Mahajan with the bevy of journalists around him. Now with BJP thrown out of power and with his detractors in his own party gunning him for the party debacle, he was clearly a man out of media circulation. Seeing him outside Mumbai airport alone with his wife without media paraphernalia made me realize the vagaries of Indian politics and importance of being saddled in power. I did feel sad for him.

The continuous media coverage of Pramod Mahajan since y’day brought me the memories of his forlorn appearance at the Mumbai airport. Now even without the trappings of political power, he has bounced back to the attention of Media. Like Arun Jathely, Sitaram Yechuri, Omar Abdullah he is one of rare faces of Indian Politicians who have gift of glib, camera friendly face and impeccable demeanour.

I do hope and pray that he defies all the odds as he fights his health battle and bounce back to where he belongs-center of media attention.


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