Saturday, March 18, 2006

arrival in cape town

I had arrived just previous day in Cape Town and today was my first working day. When I arrived at Hotel Cape, his face looked familiar. This was despite, him wearing a cap. Cornrow style golden hair braiding on a blond skin. It took me just few seconds, to remember Andrew Symonds. As I was admiring his similarity to Symonds, another tall man figured in. This time, I knew , he was Kasporovitz. Suddenly it dawned upon me that I could be at the place where Australian team is around. Just few days ago, a marathon cricket match had culminated that turned out a world record. It was possible that Australia team be in Cape Town.

I was right. The test match was being played here. Seeing these two players getting out of hotel made me stop and look around. I saw big white bus standing to ferry the team. Just few souls were there waiting for taxi. I was wondering about scenario at Indian hotel. I looked at the bus. Gilchrist at the end of the bus was conspicuous with his nail biting. As I was figuring out the new faces in the bus, Bret Lee ushered in with his rapid strides. He is truly handsome. Wiry, lean flat stomach with cherubic skin. Standing there was making me embarrassed I started heading towards escalator, I saw Rickey Ponting, with his customary cap and teeth chewing gums – brushing past me. He was being escorted by security man. I guess, having a security is one of the fringe benefits of being captain. While on escalator, climbing up, I crossed Justin Langer who was coming down. In fact, I didn’t notice him if I had not seen him glaring at me. I wonder why? Perhaps, my face must have reminded him of Hershel Gibbs – whose epic innings of 174 out of 114 balls must be still haunting them. As I reached first floor, huge, behemoth of personality crossed me. Mathew Hayden. He is big man!!! He is strong. I could imagine his big strides to smother spin of Kumble with his pet sweep shot. Looking at him and Kasporovitz, my sympathies went to Sachin, Sehwag whose pygmy physical appearance can only be matched by sheer inborn talent. Where was Shane warne? He could be sitting on the other side of the bus.

My first working day at Cape Town – began on a nice note!!!


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